The Saucer Afterlife: A Saucer Synesthisa Sleepytime Story

We’re returning, briefly, to Greta Woodrew, and her third book, which I’ve just obtained, the children’s volume See the Colors! Hear the Music! You can see some pictures of the book here.



  1. Synesthesia seems like a peculiar topic for a children’s book. Is it possible Greta herself had such a perceptual capability? Or do you think the choice of topic was inspired by the Star Foundation’s general interest in parapsychology?

    It would definitely be neat to be a synesthete, provided, of course, it could be controlled. I wouldn’t want to forgo normal sense perception. But I’ve never heard that synesthesia could be taught, which is another reason asking children to imagine having it seems odd.


    • I think it’s entirely plausible that Greta may have experienced this and attributed into intervention by her contacts or the result of ascension to a higher plane of consciousness. I feel certain that the answer might indeed be in the annals of the STAR Foundation. I’m trying to track down some of those newsletters but it’s not super high on the priority list right now!


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