The Disclosure President?

In this episode, we begin the first in a series of occasional looks at the crossover between flying saucers and American presidential politics with a couple of updated ideas about the Obama campaign’s appeal to the exopolitics crowd. Yes, it’s just about the closest thing to “up to date” that we do here on the show.

These ideas appeared in a slightly different form in my books Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist and The Chaos Conundrum. Check them out, if you haven’t!

You can find the bibliography to my original version of “The Disclosure President?” paper here.

(And sorry if you thought you were getting Dana Howard! You’ll get her next time!)



  1. Great show as usual. Unless I missed it, you didn’t reference either Grant Cameron’s (accessible via The Wayback Machine) or Larry Holcombe’s “Presidents and UFOs.” Were you not aware of them, or did they not offer anything of value?

    Regarding, Steven Bassett, I have appreciated his optimism about uncovering “the truth,” even though he’s always wrong about when it would happen. I was also impressed by the ambitiousness of the so-called “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure,” even though the VIP audience members were no longer in office. He seems to be sincere, though somewhat quixotic. Also, most of his websites are perpetually under construction.

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