The Saucer Afterlife- Monsters from Outer Space?

We’re continuing, in our little side series here, to look at some UFO books targeted at children. Today, Monsters from Outer Space, which you will hear in its (very brief) entirety. Look here for a picture of the very haunting cover that I semi-remember from my childhood.



  1. Per listener participation, I suggest these identifications:
    Jan. 20, 1967
    Methuen, Massachusetts:
    Three teenaged girls saw a string of red lights moving low to the ground about 500 fee t away. As they drove nearer, the object connected with the lights swung around to reveal a trapezoid shape with two red and two white lights and a metal lie body. The object now was hovering 100-300 feet high and as it moved to the side of the road, the motor and head Iights of the girls’ car suddenly failed. The generator light continued to pulse, however. The object abruptly shot away to the southwest and everything worked normally . Another group of people saw the same object 15 minutes later. (NlCAP)
    Verbatim from entry in Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference: A Catalogue and Data Analysis, CUFOS (1981), p. 31


    Longer versions in
    Ray Fowler, UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors, (1974) pp. 138-43.
    Carl Sagan and Thornton Page, UFOs: A Scientific Debate (1972), p. xxvi.

    The 10-12 objects filmed that was explained as gulls is the Tremonton, Utah case of July 1952.

    Do also note that the monsters on the cover are based on the MUTANT in This Island Earth (1955):


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