Dana- She Came from California

We’re back to Contactees in this episode where we look at Dana Howard, whose contacts were somewhat unique but whose message was very much in line with what we’ve seen before. I found her story fascinating and frustrating at the same time.

You can get some of Dana’s books at Amazon. Warning! My copy of Diane- She Came from Venus had quite a few pages in the wrong order–not sure if it was just my copy or a broader production problem.

Diane- She Came from Venus

Over the Threshold

Up Rainbow Hill

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  1. That was fascinating, although I must confess a certain bias, due to my interest in the contactee phenomenon. I just got my hands on an original ’53 edition of Leslie’s ‘Flying Saucers Have Landed’ and it is as terrible as I had hoped. I might have to go hunting for ‘Diane – She Came From Venus’, but I’ll heed your warning about the page disordering. (Disinformation agents at work, no doubt!)

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  2. Dana seemed recent enough to have learned that neither Venus nor Jupiter are habitable for humanoids. Did she come to terms with this in any way?

    I suppose latter day contactees place the aliens in distant solar systems, far off galaxies, or even other dimensions.

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