Before and After Ceto

A while back, we looked at Ceto’s New Friends, a controversial children’s book by abductee L.A. Haley. In this episode, we examine the books that came before and after, detailing her experiences with the phenomenon as well as its effect on her life and relationships. Along the way there’s a significant presence of government chicanery, touches of mind control, and assorted strangeness.

Lost was the Key is available used on Amazon.

Unlocking Alien Closets is still in print and available on Amazon. There are used copies available too.

If you’re interested in it, the 1999 assessment of the “sticky shocker” is available here.

You can view her 2004 presentation here.

Jack Brewer’s UFO Trail blog has a couple very interesting articles on Haley, her experiences, and what became known as The Carpenter Affair. These include An interview Brewer conducted with her in 2011 and an excerpt from his book The Grays have Been Framed (which is available on Amazon).



  1. So, evaluating “Ceto’s New Friends” in the light of these additional materials, her position appears to be that the aliens are real, but that they are good guys. The real abductors and bad guys are some branch of the military/intelligence establishment. This is compatible with the views of contactees, as well as MILAB conspiracy theorists.

    I have a couple of questions. Are ALL the aliens supposed to be good, or are there bad aliens also, such as the dreaded Reptilians? Also, since abductions by humans would involve relatively limited terrestrial technology and techniques, why haven’t they been caught in the act? They presumably would have to employ either aircraft or surface vehicles that would be susceptible to conventional detection measures.

    FYI, according to Richard Sauder (the underground bases researcher), there is a terrestrial technology by which a voice can be directly transmitted to a persons skull and/or brain.

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    • Yeah, I think that at the time she was writing, she had in mind a kind of a split force of aliens, some good some bad; and some good humans, some bad. There were a lot of sort of holes in her cosmology and I think she would probably had admitted that, as she was desperately seeking answers.

      I think I remember reading/hearing Sauder talk about that voice thing!


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