The Saucer Afterlife- A Reading from the book of Zip-Zip

Continuing our look at various saucer-themed kids books with the 1955’s Zip-Zip and his Flying Saucer.



  1. It was wonderful that your then wife-to-be gifted you such a collector’s item. From the excerpt you read, I agree that it is a relatively high quality book. What’s more, I was disappointed when the episode came to an end. 😦

    Zip-Zip is also impressive for having a first rate publisher, in spite of this possibly being Schealer’s first book. Can you corroborate or refute this notion?

    Apparently, Schealer conceived of the book as “science-fiction” as opposed to UFO or contactee advocacy of any sort. It’s worth noting in this regard that both of it’s Goodreads’ reviewers praise it precisely for introducing them to the Sci-Fi genre.


    • Yes, it was his first book, as far as I know. The fact that he saw it as sci fi is really neat, given the usually deep division between hardcore SF fandom and the saucer folks back in the 50s!
      Zip-Zip will return…


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