The Shocking Truth!

Albert Coe’s The Shocking Truth is a weird little gem of a Contactee book and we take a look at it in this episode.

Here is a link to a PDF version of the book, as it is nearly impossible to find!



  1. Albert Coe’s account has something of a Gods of Eden vibe.

    With respect to the seemingly intimate character of his relationship with the alien (or cryptoterrestrial), did Coe indicate whether Zret aged? Since their relationship lasted a long time, if the latter grew old, it would suggest that he was either human, or at least very similar to humans, in terms of biology or medical science.. However, if Zret stayed the same age, it would lend credence to the notion that he hailed from an advanced civilization, regardless of what planet it is located on. – Or was Coe in communication with others of Zret’s kind at the time of the book’s publication?

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    • It was unclear as I read it whether Xret was sending the letters that replaced the face to face communication or if it was someone else. We do know from the book that Xret claimed to live a very long time/aged very slowly.


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