The Saucer Afterlife: The Woodrew Update Update 3

It’s the last of our looks at Greta Woodrew’s Woodrew Update newsletter from the mid-80s. In this issue: Software! Radon!



  1. When one thinks about it, it does seem odd that the name ‘Dick’ could coexist with the colloquial term for the male appendage. Wouldn’t the guy be constantly assailed with puns and vulgar jokes?

    I notice that in the Wikipedia listing of notable men known as ‘Dick’, the vast majority were born before 1950, and most, quite a bit before. The biggest exception is Richard “Dick” McCourt, an “English presenter of television and radio.” He was born in 1976. I wonder if his being half of a comedy duo, “Dick and Dom” has anything to do with his seemingly throwback nickname?


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