The Ultimate Deception

In this episode we look at some of the many and not-so-varied works of “Commander X” the mysterious rogue intelligence official who shared so many secrets with us and who had absolutely no connection to Jim Keith whatsoever.

The illustration from this episode is a detail from an interior plan of the Dulce underground base…

The Ultimate Deception
The Commander X Files



  1. Are you agreeable to Timothy Beckley’s claim that Commander X was a pen name used by several persons, including, but not limited to, Jim Keith?

    If the above is correct, insofar as Keith did not publicly acknowledge that he was one of the Commander X writers, do you discern a definable difference in topic or theme between the things he wrote under the pen name as opposed to his own name? Did the Commander X moniker afford him a means of letting his hair down? I know this question is complicated by the numerous Commander X authored works that have come out since Keith’s death.

    By the way, Wikipedia doesn’t appear to have even the suspicion that Jim Keith had anything to do with Commander X. The latter isn’t mentioned at all, not even on the “Talk” page.

    Finally, what about Keith’s death? Suspicious or not?

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    • I get the feeling that Keith was absolutely among the crew that wrote the Commander X stuff–especially early on. I get the impression from reading things the three books I talk about in the episode, that the “letting his hair down” take makes a lot of sense–almost as if he was trying to take nearly every prominent narrative that was out there on the BBSes and the lecture circuit and create some kind of unified narrative, then blend that with some of the more New Age stuff. Almost like it was a challenge to create one master story, with the added bonus that he didn’t have to necessarily provide the kinds of facts and logic he did in his other, more erudite books.

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    • Oh–and Keith’s death! I don’t know… blood clots happen in surgery, without question. Of course, I can absolutely see why some might think it’s suspicious, especially given Ron Bonds’s death in close proximity…


      • You’ve probably seen this before:

        ” “He [Jim] told me, in one of our last discussions, that he didn’t want to be put under, that he couldn’t handle the anesthesia. He said that if he went under, he didn’t think he would wake back up. He was going to leave the hospital and go home with his broken leg if they were going to put him under.” Pickard says “The last time I spoke with him, he told me that they had arranged to use a local, an epidermal.”
        Keith’s nephew, Chris Davis, concurs that his uncle insisted on not being administered anesthesia. It remains unexplained why Keith was given anesthesia.”

        Thought provoking, eh? Then again, consider this darkly humorous remark by Kenn Thomas:

        “And if Jim Keith did not die as a result of a conspiracy, then I’m sure he would want us to make it look that way!”

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