Art Bell, the Lear Test, and Me (Patreon Bonus Sample!)

In lieu of a new episode this week, I thought I would share one of the bonus episodes that went our to our Cheeso Media Patrons back in March.
On November 2, 2003, I had the singular experience of driving in the icy fog, overnight, listening to an amazing episode of Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell: with John Lear and his Lear test. On this bonus episode, I go a little into my history with paranormal radio and Art Bell, and then we look at the Lear Test. What would I do in Art’s place? What would the Saucer Wife (as a much more normal and level-headed person) do?
For more bonus content from the Saucer Life and our other Cheeso Media show Great Lakes Lore, check out the Patreon!

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