The PK Man

Ted Owens–contactee, possessor of telekinetic powers, and all-around weird guy–is our focus for this episode.

Check out Jeffrey Mishlove’s book The PK Man: A True Story of Mind over Matter and watch this video of Mishlove discussing Ted Owens.



  1. Did Mishlove, or anyone, go back and systematically match up the predictions Owens sent to newspapers to the storms that actually took place to ascertain the degree of accuracy, as well as whether the storms were in any way anomalous?

    If Owens had any meaningful ability to manipulate lightning and weather then it’s sad that he was so determined to utilize it for self-aggrandizement. At the very least he could have become a fount for scientific knowledge.

    And what was his end game anyway, during the earlier part of his career? Suppose the CIA or another part of the government had elected to take his claims seriously. What would have happened then?

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    • What I’ve heard in Mishlove’s videos about him is that Owens, in seeking recognition of his abilities, was often mocked by people whenever he made weather predictions. Which is why instead of helping drought-stricken towns he chose instead to “teach them a lesson” as he put it.

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  2. I’m glad you didn’t go too in-depth into Mishlove’s book, since I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it for quite some time and now I’m run out of excuses not to include it in my next Amazon binge-purchase.

    Owens story is fascinating in itsef, but I detect certain interesting parallels with other famous UFO cases. Take for instance his description of the SI’s as looking like crickets, and compare it with Reme Baca and Jose Padilla’s description of the “children” they observed in 1945 next to a crashed “avocado-shaped” craft, as it is included in Trinity: The Best Kept Secret (which I can’t say I fully recommend since I found many parts of it tedious): the entities were described as looking like Jerusalem crickets.

    But perhaps the most interesting comparison comes from his claim that he was able to get in touch to the SI’s thanks to his ability to enter into a self-hypnotic state. That sounds rather similar to Whitley Strieber’s claim that his ‘visitors’ managed to get such a foothold into his life due to his many years of practicing the Gurdjieff method of meditation, which he still practices to this day.

    Which begs the question: how much of the UFO phenomenon is due to an external agent, and how much of it is a manifestation of our own consciousness?


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