The Gulf Breeze Six- Part One

This has been one of the most request Saucer Life topics–seriously–and it’s wild. I only ever knew the basics of this story and while it’s not the deepest rabbit hole we’ve ever been on there are definitely some twists and turns. Enough that it’s gonna be a two parter.

Doing this episode would have been difficult without online resources such as Jack Brewer’s post on the subject at The UFO Trail, which includes a link to some great documentation gathered by James Carrion.



  1. Many things pop into my head when listening about the Gulf Breeze Six. On the one hand it is hard not to draw comparisons with Andrija Puharich and his wild goose chases when he was following the channeled directions of The Nine. On the other hand, the possibility that these individuals were being clandestinely exploited in some sort of MK-Ultra like experiment is difficult to disregard –the fact that they only received a general discharge instead of a far more severe punishment is to me one of the most puzzling aspects of this whole tale; although I concede I may be falling into the same conspiranoid trappings that UFO buffs suffered when reading about this story and tried to connect the dots too hard.

    But there’s also the fact that these guys worked in Cryptology for Army Intelligence. They were literally trained to look for hidden messages. And people involved in the military are just like us: curious, fallible, subject to the same anxieties and uncertainties about the future (and people nowadays don’t understand how scary the 90’s were: the fall of the Soviet Union, the L.A. riots, Sadam invading Kuwait) and just a susceptible to psychological (AND psychic) manipulation as the rest of us. Just look at some of the people responsible for the modern push toward “Disclosure.”

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