The Gulf Breeze Six- Part Two

In this episode, we finish our examination of the Gulf Breeze Six with a closer look at the work of Vance Davis, including some clips of appearances with Art Bell and, in one case, with Richard Hoagland! Do Vance’s appearances and book make the story more intriguing? Less so? Tune in and find out!



  1. As I listened to this series I could not help but imagine a scenario in which the US Army decides that these folks are not only untrustworthy (to put it mildly) *but* also suffering from some sort of mental illness or delusions. The military may have quietly referred them to mental health professionals and shown them the door under a general discharge. A charitable viewpoint that would have Keyhoe frothing, to be sure, but more plausible to me than Hoagland’s “science”.

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