Why do Bird(-alien)s Suddenly Appear?

This was inspired/caused by Jordan from The Nighttime Podcast sending me a copy of Greta Woodrew’s 1981 book On a Slide of Light.

Used copies of Greta Woodrew’s On a Slide of Light may be purchased from Amazon

Woodrew’s second book, Memories of Tomorrow is available from Amazon or is free to borrow from the Internet Archive.

Realtors’ video of the STAR Foundation house

Jill Smolowe’s beautiful book Four Funerals and a Wedding: Resilience in a Time of Grief is available from Amazon, or from other links via the authors’ website.

Woodrew’s appearances on Bill Jenkins’s Open Mind program (and all his other available episodes, as discussed in our Radio Daze show) are also available at the Internet Archive.

You can also visit Save The Animals Rescue, based at the home of Greta and Dick’s Space Technology and Research foundation in North Carolina.



  1. It’s interesting that a contactee who had been published by not just one, but two, major publishing houses, managed to almost disappear from the ufological record. Though, strictly speaking, it didn’t sound like she ever saw a UFO with her corporeal eyes. Was it her focus on healing, psychic phenomena, and various altruistic activities that lowered her profile, or was it her apparent disinterest in the UFO conference circuit, as well as failing to appear on Coast to Coast AM?

    Is it true that you had never heard about Greta Woodrew before? I don’t believe she is covered by either “Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist” or ‘”A” is for Adamski’.

    Anyway, kudos to you and Jordan for rescuing her from historical oblivion!


    • I’d never heard of her (or else I would have put her in ET&tAZ!)–I just double checked A for Adamski and you’re right, she’s not there either! She seems way more in line with people like the Borderland Science folks–I don’t think she would have had a lot of patience for most traditional UFO folk!


  2. So it’s okay for you to semi-quote a cloying song made famous by Karen Caprenter but it wasn’t okay for me to open with a shout-out to a classic like “Terry and the Pirates”? “Genius” is a word I’d feel more comfortable applying to Milton Caniff than to Burt Bacharach.


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