The Saucer Afterlife- Editorializing

No, not me, silly, Gordon Creighton of Flying Saucer Review. You may remember him from our 90s Magazine Mixtape episode. I’m not kidding, doing my Gordon Creighton voice is pretty tiring. Enjoy!



  1. You’re right. Creighton’s paranoia in the last editorial was delightful! But, at the same time, that puzzles me a little. I had always thought that FSR was a very sober, respectable magazine. So, it seems odd that it’s editor would subscribe to an alien conspiracy theory that David Icke could get behind. Was I wrong about the general tone of the periodical?

    Also, is Creighton still alive?

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    • I have that general impression of FSR too, and really even into the 1990s when the editorials were getting a bit out there, broadly that mag was still fairly restrained, even if Creighton sometimes wasn’t. Looking at the obit Martin linked below, I’m struck by the fact that he was in his 70s when he took over as editor!

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  2. Am sure Creighton was interviewed on Michael Corbin’s Paranet show in the 90s, where he was talking about Djinn and their relation to UFOs. Can’t seem to find the episode anywhere?


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